Design Thinking

I am sure this is a topic worth expanding on a bit more than just the link I am about to post, but for now this will have to do

How to Nurture Future Leaders

Business Week magazine takes a stab at how Design thinking brings creative techniques to business. The only problem? No one can agree on how to teach its methods
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Is this the trend? Can it hold or is it just a fad?

Could it really be this simple?

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    Mary Coleman @ CMU

    I have attended some fairly cool lectures and talks while being in school, but perhaps one of the best ones so far was done by a woman named Mary Coleman. Mary is Senior Creative Development Executive at PIXAR Animation, and she was here as part of an invitation extended to her by a friend in the Drama Department. I being a fiendishly obsessed about Pixar, took this opportunity to see the strings behind the magic of one of my favorite companies...

    • Posted: April 2nd, 2010 at 1:58pm
    • Posted by: Juliana Diaz
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