About Designloom



I hail from the beautiful country of Colombia. I have spent the better part of my life abroad, so I don not really have a place I like to call home. Depending on the day you ask, the answer could be New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Milan, Paris or Bogota. All cities I have visited and would love to live in (and in some cases I have). I love art, and by art I mean, looking at it, making it, critiquing it and whatever falls in between those categories. In recent years I have put down brushes and paints and picked up sketchbooks and pencils. Also occasionally pulling out my non-digital camera and still shooting old fashioned Black and White Photography.

I was born In December which makes me slightly bitter about only getting one set of presents instead of the much deserved b-day and Christmas set. I love movies as a form of escapism and those two hours in a theater make for great sources of inspiration for other things. I went to a great school for crazy people, or commonly referred to as art school, and got my degree in making what some would call “commercial art”, or what the people in the biz refer to as graphic design.

I wrapped up my Masters degree in the the spring of 2011 and now am the proud owner of a MDes in Interaction design degree from the wonderful Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University. Both of these education experiences have provided some great food for thought about the theory and practice of design, and have led me to build a solid foundation by which i base my approach to the creative process.

A little history: I have interned at three highly respectable places over the past 10 years. One of which changed the way I see design professionally. DDB Colombia was where I got my feet wet and got treated like an intern (a most worthy experience) the second was Webber Shandwick and lastly the third was Apple inc.

My first job out of school was a two-year stint at online cell phone retailer Inphonic as Designer and then Senior Designer, working primarily on their in-house brand Liberty wireless which is no longer part inphonic ! In 2006 I became part of the 4 resident designers at Silverpoint, a small web shop specializing in design for educational institutions. I consider the time spent with the folks at Silverpoint, as some of the most exciting and challenging times of my career. I learned the vast majority of things i know about the web from the talented teams of front end engineers and project managers whom i worked with. In early 2008 i made the cross country jump to join the User Experience Design Team at Netflix, and have now raised the bar not only in daily challenges but caliber of people who i work with! In the Fall of 2009 I left Netflix to go get my Masters at Carnegie Mellon, in the hopes of not only refining my skills, but ultimately to get to know and explore a side of me that had been yearning to get out, my dormant programmer personality! In reality CMU was and has been an adventure to try and see what else my field can yield. In the Summer following my time at CMU, I started full-time work at Apple, returning to Join the iTunes Store design team. Were we likely will be challenged to provide customers with the best shopping experience for entertainment media.

Art music and laughter seem to top the list of things that make me want to wake up in the mornings but in the end it’s just to live happy and curious!

Design Philosophy

Make it beautiful, Make functional, Make it fun This has been a simple mantra to my practice in design. Design makes sense to us because it connects us with what we are experiencing , weather its a site, an ad, or a logo. Beauty, functionality and enjoyment are the key strokes of what makes up a good design. If the right amount of aesthetic focus is delivered then you will achieve the attention needed to get people to focus on the message, functionality makes sure that the message is transmitted clearly, and enjoyment comes from delivering these two aspects in seamless ways.



The words and opinions expressed here are my own, and do not, in any way, represent the views of my employer.